Benefit company

Together, for the Common Good


Benefit Companies are guided by a holistic and systemic vision and aim to achieve common benefit objectives. They incorporate the purpose of having a positive impact on society and the planet, in order to:

  • Bring to the market a good/service that meets the needs of civil society and promotes the diffusion of positive and responsible behaviors.
  • Provide people with opportunities for work and professional fulfillment.
  • Generate wealth that directly or indirectly benefits the context.

We intend to operate responsibly, sustainably, and transparently towards all individuals, groups, communities, and the environment.


We aim to promote a collaborative, inclusive, and peaceful society in which economic development, organizational functionality, and human enhancement are in harmony and enable more effective achievement of goals and results.

  1. We work towards change to regenerate the culture of organizational and social systems in a sustainability and inclusion logic, in order to improve climate and performance.
  2. We support local realities in implementing strategies with a systemic approach and activating people’s energy.
  3. We support organizational entities during mergers, integrations, and generational transitions to protect the organization’s value and the well-being of individuals, and to obtain certifications in sustainability, B Corp, Benefit company, equal opportunities, etc.
  4. We develop Welfare and Wellbeing programs with particular attention to the needs of different generations within the organization, helping people adopt new lifestyles so that longevity and well-being can be part of everyone’s life.


We aim to direct and promote regenerative transformations in organizations, creating inclusive cultures and healthy and collaborative work environments, developing the personal and professional potential of each individual to promote longevity and sustainability.

  1. We conduct internal surveys to provide a comprehensive analysis of the present to be able to intervene for improvements in people and/or organizations, through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and various diagnostic tools (IRIS).
  2. In consultancy, we promote the optimal development of new organizational forms and the evolution of skills for all staff, with particular attention to knowledge dissemination.
  3. We develop policies for inclusion and equal opportunities.
  4. Through our change projects, we develop sustainable leadership models (with particular attention to consciousness development) and related evaluation, monitoring, and development systems.


We want to create a community united by a solid value foundation that offers all collaborators deep participation in the company’s project based on trust, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and mutual recognition.

  1. We offer strategic consultancy and facilitate inclusive group activities to determine purpose, vision, values, and strategies in order to define the most suitable culture for strategy implementation.
  2. We promote and disseminate our social purposes through courses, conferences, seminars, debates, publications, scientific research, organization of artistic and cultural events, audiovisual productions, and any other means useful to achieve these purposes.
  3. We establish contacts with companies, institutions, associations, and organizations in Italy and abroad that share our social purposes.


We aim to seek the full expression of each individual’s talents, fostering knowledge exchange and human growth in an inclusive human and professional context, without discrimination.

  1. We facilitate the development of ideas, entrepreneurial projects, and activities guided by sustainability principles.
  2. We facilitate the creation of schools, academies, and related training programs. Steering committee for the management and monitoring of the quality and results of training activities.
  3. We organize interventions in the field of human resources, such as development, training, and coaching of personnel at all levels, covering various content areas (humanistic, technological, and computer-based) to enhance skills.
  4. We offer activities aimed at the development and integration of individuals in the environment and society, providing support and guidance to young people in life choices.