1. We give our soul to learn and always be at the forefront.
  2. Hermes is not a cradle but an open-air gym where we develop ourselves and our customers.
  3. Our approach is responsibility, i.e. the ability to respond proactively and enterprisingly to any situation with creativity, energy, competence and care.
  4. For us, people are the fulcrum of every organization, in their ability to listen, evaluate and act. Emotions in particular are a source of energy that must be recognized, supported and channeled.
  5. Maing a difference is our mantra. In the objectives, in the modalities, in the attention to nuances and in the enhancement of people.
  6. Errors and critical feedback are never pleasant but for us they are an inexhaustible source of opportunities for improvement. So we find the strength to savor them, re-read them calmly and transform them into concrete ideas for enrichment.
  7. A structured, well-organized and periodically renewed work model is the ideal basis for being able to express individual talent.
  8. Those who play with us do so by choice, by passion. And because he finds in this environment the ideal conditions to contribute to the improvement of the world with his work. This choice is always a value that must give mutual benefit.
  9. Differences help us get there.

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