Survey & insight

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Our clients have access to a range of research techniques and methodologies to uncover trends, gain valuable insights, and measure customer satisfaction. On top of that, they can also assess the business climate, the performance of services provided, and monitor trends in key KPIs.
Our research approaches are shaped on each client’s need and individual project, embracing both qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as the most appropriate channels (e.g. face-to-face, phone, web) with either direct or indirect assessment.
We undertake a comprehensive approach, delving into consumer behaviours and market characteristics in order to explore a wide range of drivers and scenarios. n recent years, we have continuously worked on analyses taking into account generational differences and cross-generational mix, both in terms of mutual influence and distinctiveness  as well as miscommunication or lack of understanding.

We also specialise in the creation of operational simulation tools (conjoint analysis and what-if analysis) to enable our clients to operate autonomously and consciously from the analysis of different data-based options.