In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, new scenarios have emerged that require a strategic shift to stay competitive and responsibly explore new horizons. It’s crucial for companies to have a strong analytical capacity and the agility to respond quickly in order to assess their operating context and plan for the medium and long-term future.

Thriving in today’s challenging business environment requires flexibility and openness to refine strategies and implement programs effectively. It’s important to segment reality into multiple possible scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of the future and make informed decisions that align with clear objectives and a shared vision of the goal.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in supporting company management when facing change processes. At the heart of our transformational approach lies the idea that individuals are central to driving change. Our Regenerative Implementation of Strategies (I.Ri.S.) methodolody helps companies define a purpose-driven vision, so as to translate it into concrete, project-based strategies that can truly help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our work cannot be done without listening to people, raising their awareness, motivation and self-determination. That is why we build shared and open experiences, where people can express themselves, confront each other, co-create. In order to work towards a common objective, it is fundamental to share the sense of the journey at all levels of the organisation so that everyone is committed to achieving success.

Within the complexity of the international scenarios, the volatility of the markets and the ever-increasing ability of people to evaluate different corporate contexts, not only as customers but more specifically as workers and people who create added value, the idea of having a vision is embedded into the perspective of having a purpose.

We believe that it’s important to go beyond the conventional notion of corporate vision. We are dedicated to contributing to the world in a meaningful way working together towards the Common Good.

To us, purpose is the primary dimension of sustainability, as it prompts a shift in perspective from working alone for one’s own objectives to working for the betterment of our community.

This dimension helps the company to maintain a clear and visible course over time and produces in people the needed energy to drive transformation and implement change.

Through this vision, we work on the company’s purpose and value system and define broader objectives whilst keeping in mind the most valuable question for every organisational context: who do I want to be?

We ensure that all our clients can clearly articulate their purpose and work towards achieving it. We do this by assisting the front line in defining their purpose and by fostering an inclusive approach towards the community, resulting in a stronger awareness and a shared understanding of the direction to take within the organisation.

We work on the map and on the beacon of direction of each organisation, as well as on its value system, which marks its priorities while indicating which goals to pursue.

Finally, we accompany the organisation in becoming aware of these values. We define what points of reference and cohesion there are between people, as this is how the company can react flexibly to external stresses, just as the immune system reacts and fights off pathogens and other harmful elements to protect the body in a  collective effort.

I.Ri.S. is our methodology with which we design systemic interventions in companies, so as to manage change in a concrete and generative way, identifying common results and building a cultural system that moves towards their achievement.

World News:

A research paper published by the Business Harvard Review entitled, ‘Put Purposeat the Core of Your Strategy’, describes a global study aimed at investigating the growth drivers of companies, examining the importance of three well-known strategies to guide it: seeking and creating new markets, meeting the broader needs of stakeholders, and “changing the rules of the game”.

Something surprising was discovered: each of these approaches stimulates the growth of the analysed organisations, but there is a fourth relevant driver that was not initially taken into consideration: purpose.

Companies have long been encouraged to give a purpose to what they do. However,  it is usually seen as an add-on, yet It has been proven that having a clear purpose goes beyond creating shared value, improving employee morale and engagement, caring for the community, or preserving the environment. There is much more.

During the study, dozens of C-level executives were involved, and 28 companies were analysed in the United States, Europe, and India, which had had an average annual growth rate of at least 30% in the previous five years.

Purpose played two important strategic roles: it helped companies redefine their scope of action and allowed them to reshape their value proposition. Thus, it allowed organisations to overcome the challenging issues related to profitability decline.

Many fast-growing companies use their purpose to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

The continuous quest for innovation can lead to quick but discontinuous victories because they are tied to a short space-time horizon. Purpose-oriented companies, on the other hand, succeed in expanding their mission, creating a holistic value proposition and offering many benefits to customers.

In conclusion, the study makes it clear that the approach to purpose cannot be a one-off effort. Leaders must constantly assess how purpose can drive strategy and be willing to adapt or redefine this relationship as conditions change. This entails deep vigilance but the benefits are countless.

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